Meet Lerna

As a mother, advocate, and community leader, I am running to ensure the Glendale School board is focused on prioritizing student achievement. 

The pandemic has had a profound impact on our students and although we still do not know the extent of this impact, we must proactively work towards improving their access to academic resources and mental health services. Similarly, I am committed to supporting GUSD staff and making sure our campuses are safe while increasing district transparency. 

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of serving our school community. I am the Executive VP of Family Engagement for the Glendale PTA and have served on the School Attendance Review Board, Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education Group, and Child and Family Services Committee. I will make sure Glendale Unified works with everyone to ensure our students and teachers have the resources they need.

I am a proud product of Glendale public schools, and a mother of two children who are also pursuing their education in this district. With considerable public service experience coupled with my diverse background, I am the best candidate for this position and humbly ask for your vote.


Our schools at Glendale Unified School District are preparing our students for graduation and careers beyond. College and career preparations are essential to the lifelong success of our students. My plan to achieve this goal is:

  • Committing to high academic competency that starts in early education until graduation. 

  • Allocating funds to programs to support students in career and college readiness with tech courses, counseling opportunities and dual enrollment programs. 

  • Focusing on the success of all students who require resources and guidance such as applications to a four-year college, honors courses, and college prep courses.

  • Determining student success after graduation and incorporating improvements where necessary to continue to grow our graduation rates and college enrollment after graduation.

  • Increase LCFF funding to help fund college readiness programs by attracting enrollment and attendance at GUSD.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for our students, educators, and parents. Many of our students already coping with mental health conditions are especially vulnerable to the changes and it is our duty as board members to create a space to help heal the unexpected changes the pandemic has brought to our lives. We can do this by:

  • Investing in improving our student’s mental health by increasing counseling opportunities and developing programs to provide access to resources to help transition unexpected changes to learning. 

  • Investing and supporting the next generation will directly impact the future of this country. The pandemic has exposed the urgent need to address our youth mental health crisis and ensure students have high quality mental healthcare.

Public school funds are critical to student achievement. Funds improve learning by decreasing class sizes, increase academic programs and funds to help provide quality education. We need to be accountable to how money is allocated in our district by providing transparency in our process.  

  • Ensuring that our funding is spent on student achievement and our classrooms.

  • Require data and statistics when promoting new programs that require additional funding.

  • Promoting accountability structures to maintain the integrity of our district.

Our educators and classified staff work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of all our children are put first and provide high quality education. To keep this commitment, we shall:

  • Empower educators and classified employees to take on leadership roles by providing opportunities such as mentorship programs and professional development programs for educators.

  • Commit to ensuring that the priority of budget allocations goes directly into the classroom so that teachers don’t have to pay out of pocket for school supplies.

  • Work with educators to tackle issues such as class size, school safety, mental health and access to resources so that teachers can provide quality education for their students.

Providing a safe and secure learning and teaching environment for our GUSD students, staff and families is essential. GUSD has taken many safety measures to ensure our students come to a safe space for learning and our parents feel safe sending their kids to our schools. I plan on supporting the great work GUSD has already done by: 

  • Conducting regular safety walk-throughs at every campus to see where we can improve our safety measures

  • Proactively pursuing prevention of violence programs on campus such as anti-bullying workshops and implicit bias training.